I just lowered prices on items in my resale shop, some lovely lolita inspired blouses, this fur cape, and this lovely blue dress.

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We love these two pictures of Grace in our Amelia’s Locket print ^^ This print is set to make a comeback mid summer 2013 with a new colorway and 3 new designs as a OP, JSK, and SK.  Also included in this collection will be a head piece, matching wrist cuffs, and a special Amelia’s Locket blouse to go with the JSK and SK designs :D 


Photography courtesy Katherina Thompson


Back from shopping trip in Tokyo


Back from shopping trip in Tokyo


yes found some! Muslim Lolita!


yes found some! Muslim Lolita!


And here’s my outfit from Sundays Lolita meet! It was a Disney themed high tea, I don’t have a lot of dresses to work with so I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to come up with an outfit, then I remembered Donald Duck wore a little blue sailor suit, and I had some feathery accessories, so there you go. Been a long time since I was at a Lolita meet, so I was more than a little nervous, but I actually had a great time! Everyone in the Irish Lolita group is just too nice <3 Still, Lolita is never going to be a ‘lifestyle’ for me the way it is for some. I don’t love Lolita fashion, I just like it as a friend ;)

  • Dress - Bodyline
  • White tights, Earrings, Blue ring, Bows on the bag and Disney bow - Pennys
  • Shoes, Bag, Necklace - second hand
  • The feather hairband was actually won in anime con game based on Lolita fashion, the pearls on my bag are off a bodyline cardigan, and my second pair of tights (the lace) were oddly enough picked up in my Nana’s local post office…


Coord attempt #1 with Black

Dress: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Shrug: Stolen from my moms closet XD (she doesnt want it back lol)

Socks: Leg Avenue

Shoes: I dont remember ive had them forever o.o

Accessories: Handmade


This is Wan Nur Dianah from Malaysia~
Love her concept of using red onions~ haha very fresh~ <3

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